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Candle set

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Fill your home with an incredible scent with our Trio Set.

Not only do each of our candles smell amazing, and provide a scent for everyone. They also have beautiful, bright art on each of them, making them aesthetically pleasing in your home. 
And all the art was created by my two girls *proud mama

Normally these tins would be $19.95 each, so you will be saving buying our bundle

•Blackberry Zing: (Scent Notes: Lemon + Raspberry + Black Raspberry + Plum Blossoms + Musk + 

•Vanilla Cologne: (vetiver + cedarwood + bergamot + citrus + musk + French Vanilla.

•Marshmallow Sandalwood: (Marshmallow + Sugar Syrup + Powdery Soft Vanilla + Patchouli + 
Sandalwood + Musk)


165g Tin Candles:
*Soy Wax Blend
• High-Quality Fragrance Oils
•Matte Black Candle Tins  
•25+ Hour Burn Time*
•Single wick

*Amazing for intimate smaller living areas like bathrooms, bedrooms, and a home office


Each Candle is handmade by me in my home here in New Zealand. Because of this, our candles could have some imperfections such as minor discolouration of the wax, off-centered labels, tiny markings on the outside of tins/jar, etc. None of this stops our candles from performing amazingly. Please also be aware that some fragrances can cause discolouration of the tins, but the company we have purchased from assured us this is perfectly normal and does not affect the performance either.

Also: please note that with it heating up more, especially for our Australian customers, there maybe be some sweat spots on the top of your candle. This is normal especially with soy wax. This will not affect its performance 


Candle Care:  Please be sure to trim your wick before each burn.

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