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Lets Talk Journal

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Have you ever felt that sinking feeling in your gut when you know something isn't right?

You know the feeling when you pick your mini up from school and before you see them you know somethings wrong.

Something is a little off today...

But you can't put your finger on it.

It's like your Spidy senses are tingling.

And your 6th sense won't let you be quiet.

So before you jump to any conclusions you remain calm.

Then you ask your mini... "How was your day today beautiful?'

And they can't bring themselves to speak...

So you smile and try to warm their heart with some good humour and try to tell them something to excite them.

But your efforts are falling on deaf ears.

There's something they are hiding.

There's something their little heart is afraid to tell you.

There's something they can't find the courage to speak about.

They want to speak but don't know where to start.

Maybe they need some time?

Just enough to figure out where to start...

So what do you do?

Do you give them space?

Some more time to figure things out for themselves?

Maybe. But how much time do they need?

Do you try to love the answers out of them?

Maybe. But what if that is only enough to cheer them up at the moment...

Do you try to probe them and play "Good mum, Bad Mum"?

First, we play "Good Mum" and try to be kind and lovingly extract the information? Sometimes nice can work. It's worked in the past right.

But if they don't talk we play Bad Mum and scold them until they speak?

Sure that works sometimes. But like anyone, our mini starts to fear us.

Then go from the one person they trusted to the one person they can't trust.

So what do you do?

It's a damn hard job being a parent.

And that's why we have created a solution for the times where Face to Face interaction is just too hard.

But for our mini's Face to Face can just be too damn scary.

And for this very reason, we have created a very special product to help both parents and mini's.

Introducing the "Let's Talk Journal"

It's a special journal made especially for your babies when they are feeling down and out.

The opening half of this journal is something you can work on together

It's all about who they are, the people that are in their corner, and a big fat reminder they’re NEVER alone.

The second half of the journal is where the heavy stuff happens.

When your darling needs to talk, but finds it hard to come to you.

They simply write about the challenge they're facing in the back of the journal.

Then they place the journal in a space you have both designated.

So when you see the journal,

You know they need to talk to you about something.

It’s kind of like passing notes in class.

This way you don't have to play "Good Mum, Bad Mum" anymore. 

When you see the journal all you need to do is read about how your mini is feeling and now you can be the Super Mum you know you are.

The Lets Talk Journal is the easist, quickest and safest way to know your mini is A ok.

And in these busy and crazy times it's important your mini's have a way to open up and communicate with you without closing down and being afraid.

This way you have a better idea of how your mini is truely feeling and now you have a place to start a loving conversation.

I hope by now you see how important this journal is and how much you need something like this in your mini's hands.

Even a super Mama needs a good tool or two in her toolbelt.

So if this journal sounds like a special tool you and your mini need.

Simply add this to your shopping cart and we will send your journal quick and fast.

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